ArrLay v 0.36
Download here

This script allow to clone items in layout like the clone and / or array function in modeler
3 clones modes are available :
- Rectangular : do clones along X,Y and Z axis
- Radial : do clones around and axis
- Path : do clones along the path of another item.

This script allow to clone moving objects, and apply the modifications of each clones to their path.

Description :
X count : the number of clones along X axis
X offset : offset between each clone along X axis
Extra offset : additionnal XYZ offset applied to each clone
Extra rotation : additionnal HPB rotation applied to each clone
Extra Scale : additional XYZ scale applied to each clone, the Scale mode parameter allow to have the scaling by multiplying (default) or adding the specified values.

Parameters are the same for Y and Z axis...

Add Parent : all clones wil be parented to a new null object
Description :
Axis : clones will be placed around this axis
Total : number of total wanted clones
Center : center of cloning
Start angle / End angle : specify these values to define a semi circular cloning
Radius A / Radius B : change these values to have a circular or elliptic cloning path
Offset for Radius A and B : this offset will be added or multiplied to the starting radius, to create spirals
Reset Rotation : reset the rotation of the cloned object before cloning
Perpendicular offset : each clone will be moved along the cloning axis by this value
Scale : according to the scale mode seleted, each clone will have it's scaling multiplied or added by this value

Add parent : works like with rectangular cloning
Parent chain : parent all clones together, like a chain : clone 2 will be parented to clone 1, clone 3 to clone 2, clone 4 to clone 3, etc...
Bake Path : Add a new null object moving to the start position of all clones, a path key for each clone.
Description :
Total : number of clones
Path item : select here the item with the path wanted to do the cloning
Distance : force the distance between each clone (then the total number will be bypassed)
Use distance : activate the distance cloning.
Scale : Scale each clone by this values, according to Scale mode
Scale mode : Auto will use the scaling of path item, else x and + wil use multiply or additive mode
Align to path : align each clone to the path (Z+ beeing forward and Y+ upward), no gimbal lock problem here, so you can do loopings :)
World coordinates : when cloning moving objects, this will affect the transformation applied to the path of each clone

Add parent, Parent Chain and Bake path works like in Radial Mode