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Custom pattern selection Mode :
This mode allow to select polygons or points using a binary pattern

NB : this selection mode is very dependant of the point / polygon order, so use the segment option of the primitive to define subdivisions.

Starting Shape
a pattern of 0001 wil select 1 polygone every 4
Same operation on a sphere
You can add use it to select the starting polygon on same duplicated shapes
Type your polygon pattern :
Note that the base shape has 6 polygons, so the pattern must have 6 entries, here it is 100000
Result : only the first polygon of each shape is selected
The same operation can be done with points.
The shape has 12 points, so the pattern has 12 entries.
Note that you may have to try some pattern to find the good one, or use the point info (shortcut [i]) to know their order.
Here the pattern is : 100000000001
Only the first 2 points of the shapes are selected