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Vmap selection Mode :
This mode allow to select points that have specific value on a weight map

NB : only the Subpatch Vmap and Weightmaps can be processed (for now...)

Starting Shape
The (V = A) processor allow to select points with an exact value typed in the (A) input field.
Here only point with a 0 value will be selected
The result message display the min and max vmap values detected in the selection
The (V < A) processor will select point with a value strictly lower than (A).
Result : only points < 0 are selected
The (A < V) processor will select points strictly bigger than (A)
Only points strictly bigger than 0 are selected
The (A < V < B) processor wil select points that are strictly between A and B.
Only points between 50% and 100% are selected
At any time you can check the "Include A and B" button to have their value included into the test.
Now points that are between or equal to A and B (50% and 100%) are selected.
the (V <AB < V) processor will select point strictly lower than A or strictly bigger than B